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The Savage Gentlemen Program

A 3-month program built for the committed few who NEED to level up.

Service Description

What it is: This is a program aimed towards helping Men connect with their Purpose, Passion and Manhood. The goal is to help you live a well-balanced life (“well-balanced” is defined by you and your priorities). We accomplish this by addressing 5 main concerns (described here using Archetypes): 1. The King (Mindset/Aspirations) 2. The Warrior (Discipline/Physical Health) 3. The Magician (Intelligence/Self-awareness) 4. The Lover (Relationships/Inner Joy) 5. The Merchant (Finances/Career) How long will it take: The Iron Jay Program is split into 3 phases, each phase will last approximately 1 month for a total of 3 months. The phases are as follows: 1. Introduction – Discover who you think you are. 2. Deconstruction – Let go of who you no longer want to be. 3. Reconstruction - Become who you were meant to be. What will you learn: 1. The King (Mindset/Aspirations) - a. How to bring clarity to “who you are” and “who you are becoming”. b. How to create, keep and track goals efficiently and effectively over time. c. How to change/adopt a mindset to help you get to where you want to go. 2. The Warrior (Discipline/Physical Health) a. Achieving Self-Love through Self-Discipline. b. Tips on High Performing Diets/Workouts/Supplements c. How to Establish Boundaries without destroying relationships. 3. The Magician (Intelligence/Self-awareness) a. Learn what your natural-born strengths/blind-spots are. b. Improve on strengths and/or discard/improve blind-spot. c. Understand how the mind works and how to make it work for you. 4. The Lover (Relationships/Inner Joy) a. Introduction to the Feminine/Masculine Energy dynamic and learn to Love/Be Loved. b. Tools to help you communicate better both in professional and personal relationships. c. Re-igniting creative pursuits and implementing “fun” into your life. 5. The Merchant (Finances/Career) a. Learn basic Personal Finance skills and tools (how to create a budget, investing, etc.) b. Career planning and how to acquire/improve the necessary skills for professional growth. c. Understanding Power dynamics and how to play the “social” game. And many more helpful tips, tricks and mindsets to help you become the man you want to be.